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Shanghai Ying Shi Dan Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an integrated power technology manufacturer specializing in R & D, production, sales, information and service under the guidance of domestic electrical technical engineers. The company's products are produced in accordance with the electric power standards, the pursuit of quality improvement and efficiency "is the consistent management policy of our factory. We have been committed to improving the efficiency of business, installation and service efficiency, saving time and reducing costs for customers from all aspects. The quality of the company's monograph and the after-sale service are undisputable, so there is no particular way. The spirit of sincere and sincere production, conscientious production, and always adhere to the spirit concept of "developing with science and technology, seeking the core of efficiency and innovation and pragmatism", our products have exported to many countries and regions in the world and entered Europe and the Middle East. And the machinery matching market of Africa and so on.
Shanghai Ying Shi Dan Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an important member of the Power Association of China, the production plant of the company is located in the metropolis of China - Shanghai, and the traffic is convenient. We have strong technical force, advanced production equipment, exquisite technical technology, complete testing equipment and reliable product quality. The main products of various types of power transformers produced by Angshi Dan are isolation transformer, three-phase isolation transformer, three phase dry transformer, three-phase transformer, dry type isolation transformer, three phase boost. Transformer, three-phase voltage step-down transformer, photovoltaic isolation transformer, resistance welding transformer, line lamp control transformer, contactless voltage regulator, high-power full automatic compensation type power regulator, three-phase oil immersion induction voltage regulator, fuse, high voltage fuse, etc. The products are widely used in various enterprises and institutions, industrial and mining enterprises, photovoltaic power generation, new energy, machine tool matching, scientific research institute, railway traffic, port wharf and other fields and play an important role.

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