Shanghai Ying Shi Dan Electric Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Sales Hotline

National Toll Free Hotline :400 -0089-078

Sales Tel: +86-021-51095208 (Tian)

Sales Fax: +86-021-59580838

Sales Mobile: 18016201838 (Tian) 18301938818 (Business Support)

Ministry of Foreign Trade Hotline

Shanghai Foreign Trade Department Tel: +86-021-61993470 (Lau)

Shanghai Foreign Trade Department Fax: +86-021-60528116

Shanghai Foreign Trade Department Mobile: 13296043046

Shanghai Foreign Trade Department E-mail: wmyingshidan@126.COM

Customer Hotline sale

Transformers sales hotline 021 -61531215 / 31219

Regulators sales hotline 021 -61,531,216

Regulator sales hotline 021 -61,531,217

DC / inverter power sales hotline; 021-61531218

Dedicated crackdown

Counterfeit products crackdown line 021 -61,556,666

Other Information

Official mail:

Company official website:

Sales Address: Kim Ho Road, Jiading District, Shanghai, Lane 250, No. 79 / sink DELO 600

Company production base: Wide Fulin Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai (welcome new and old customers to visit the guidance) 156 Zhu bucket

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